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We supply a high quality, open cell, high density
(2 lb. Per. Cubic ft) foam that is excellent for sound
reduction. We supply this for recording studios, music
schools, home rehearsal rooms, press rooms, etc.

This foam is available in flat cuts and convoluted
(egg-crate). For best sound reduction quality we
recommend the convoluted. This provides three times more surface area, thus providing more sound absorption.

The flat foam comes in any thickness 1" and thicker. The convoluted foam is available in 2" and 3" thick, in sets of two pieces nested together. 4' x 8' is the most common size but we do cut to specifications of the customer.

The 2 lb. Foam comes in Dark Grey, and we also have a 1.5 lb. Foam that comes in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Purple that also works very well for soundproofing.

The 2" convoluted foam will reduce the bass 70% and all other sound 80%.

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